Our solar farm will contribute towards the UK’s ambition to achieve net zero by:

  • Generating enough green electricity to power over 240,000 homes* – reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuels
  • Storing energy – Our onsite Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) could export up to 400MW to the National Grid, providing additional flexibility to support the growth of renewable energy

* Calculation based on 2021 generation, and assuming average (mean) annual household consumption of 3,509 kWh, based on latest statistics from Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (Subnational Electricity and Gas Consumption Statistics Regional and Local Authority, Great Britain, 2021, Mean domestic electricity consumption (kWh per meter) by country/region, Great Britain, 2021)

Tween Bridge Solar Farm will support the local economy by:

  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Giving farmers an additional source of income, protecting the agricultural industry for future generations
  • Contributing to a community benefit package.
  • Adding business rates of around £2 million per year

Environmental Enhancements

The project team are engaging with Doncaster Council and North Lincolnshire Council on how best to incorporate ecological enhancements within the Order Limits (application site boundary) and surrounding areas. These discussions are informed by extensive ongoing ecological surveys.

Tween Bridge Solar Farm will enhance the biodiversity of the area by creating:

The region’s largest lowland sheep farm

Habitat enhancements for insects, pollinators, birds, bats and other native species

Ecological corridors and green infrastructure

New grassland meadows for wildlife

If you have any suggestions for ecological enhancements you would like to see at Tween Bridge Solar Farm, please fill in a feedback form.


Employment during construction
During the construction phase at the site, it is estimated that there will be up to 606 on-site jobs created during an estimated 30-month construction phase.

For every job supported on site, indirect jobs are supported in the wider economy. It is estimated up to 806 off-site jobs could be supported during the construction phase.

Employment during operation
Once operational, the scheme is estimated to support 23 direct and indirect full-time equivalent jobs in Doncaster and North Lincolnshire, 7 of those directly employed on site.

Employment through continued agricultural land use
Full-time jobs will be secured through continued agricultural use of the land underneath and around the solar arrays. Tween Bridge Solar Farm could become one of the region’s largest sheep farms.

Local skills and training opportunities
An Outline Supply Chain, Employment and Skills Plan will be produced to optimise the number of local people who will have access to employment and training opportunities. More details about this will be made available at our statutory consultation next year.

Community Benefits

Tween Bridge Solar Farm Community Benefits

RWE Renewables are committed to supporting the communities neighbouring our renewable energy projects through flexible community benefits packages.

Tween Bridge Solar Farm will be delivering a community investment package worth in the region of £2 million, subject to the final installed capacity of the project.

This is a new project, and we would like to get your thoughts on how you think we could best support your community.

A section on community benefits can be found in our consultation feedback questionnaire. At this stage we would really like to hear more from you about what you think is important to you and your community as well as any ideas you may have about how we could support your local area.

We will be considering all of your feedback as we develop further details of the proposed community benefits. There will be a further opportunity to comment on more detailed community benefits proposals at our statutory consultation next year.