Tween Bridge Solar Farm

Our latest site layout is available to view below. You can click on the image to zoom in on a specific location. A key on the right lists the proposed elements of Tween Bridge Solar Farm at this early stage.

Click the image above to zoom in.


Tween Bridge Solar Farm comprises a solar farm capable of generating over up to 600MW of Alternating Current (AC) electricity with a co-located 400MW Battery Energy Storage System (“BESS”). The site area is approximately 1500 hectares.

Tween Bridge Solar Farm comprises:

  • Arrays of Ground Mounted Solar Panels
  • Battery Energy Storage System (“BESS”)
  • Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging point
  • Formation of Ecological Corridors and Green Infrastructure
  • Substation Building and Compounds


Tween Bridge Solar Farm is located next to RWE Renewables’ existing Tween Bridge Wind Farm and adjacent to an existing National Grid 400kv overhead powerline which runs through the site from Drax to Keadby.

We have secured an agreement with National Grid to connect Tween Bridge Solar Farm to the Drax-Keadby circuit.

Decision making

As the project will generate over 50MW of electricity, it is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). As a result, we are required to submit a Development Consent Order (DCO) application to the Planning Inspectorate to seek planning permission. The Planning Inspectorate appoints an independent Examining Authority to examine the application and provide a recommendation to the Secretary of State for Energy and Net Zero, who decides whether to approve the application.

More information is available HERE in our Frequently Asked Questions.